Gekkoscience R909 SHA256 Bitcoin Miner 1.5 THs+

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  • Enclosed aluminum shell with 80mm fan and heat sink makes sure the miner runs cool. Stock speed is 1.5THs but can be overclocked.
  • If you are overclocking make sure to provide extra cooling.
  • Utilizes the S17's BM1397 ASIC chips and cgminer driver by Kano.
  • Use cgminer to mine any SHA256 algorithm cryptocurrency.
  • Requires 12V 8-10 Amps power supply (not included) which can be connected using a 2.1*5.5mm barrel jack or 6-Pin PCIe connection
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi. Includes 6-foot USB cable to connect to controller (either Raspberry Pi or PC)
  • Near silent operation, you can put it next to your work desk/gaming setup and nearly notice it's there due to the Artic fan installed in the unit.

This miner is built with the same physical dimensions as the R606 so anything built around them would still fit this unit. Airflow ducting is the same, same 80mm fan. However, you’ll notice ports and jacks are located at the exhaust end instead of accessible from the side. Designed to be stackable, you no longer have to keep three sides clear – two for airflow and one for cabling.
The R909 has been upgraded with a better main regulator and improved thermal management. Heatsink area over the chips is increased by 40% over the R606.

The Terminus R909 needs an external controller running cgminer, with USB connection to the miner (a 6-foot USB cable will be included with purchase). The driver has been tested extensively on linux PC and Raspberry Pi. Like previous Terminus models, the miner runs on 12V power from either a standard 2.1/5.5mm barrel jack (rated for 8A) or a PCIe 6-pin jack.

The "stock" speed will be set to 400MHz, expected to see 1.6TH, but higher frequencies are possible.This miner also features Blinky Lights, but they're not as intrusive as previous models of pod or stick. The rate of blinking is proportional to hashrate. The base light color is a delightful pink-magenta.

The BM1397 chips have a significant temperature coefficient, which means that they pull noticeably more power as they get warmer. Nobody at GekkoScience will be offended if a tuner or enthusiast upgrades the fan, as more airflow could mean reducing power consumption by 5-10% just from maintaining lower temperatures. These units take a standard 80mmx25mm 3/4-wire 12V case fan.

And like all GekkoScience products, the Terminus R909 is Made In The USA

Approximate dimensions: 3.5 x 4.2 x 6 inches.